Services We Provide

Fiscal Development, LLC is a boutique structured finance group with quality industry
experience.  Our experience enables us to offer a wide range of services and
execute the engagement and /or transaction in an efficient manor.  Our small size
enables us to offer these quality services at a reasonable cost.

Our primary professional services include:
Financial & Business Modeling; includes but is not limited to:

         - Scenario analysis (i.e. multiple operating forecasts, capitalization structures,  
           tax credit electives - Production Tax Credit vs. Investment Tax Credit, etc.)
         - Cost optimization
         - Effective working capital management; Budget to actual variance analysis and
         - Valuation
         - Projecting Financial Statements on a GAAP & Tax basis
         - Projecting and maintaining Member / Partner capital accounts (GAAP, tax,
           and 704(b) basis)
         - Determining joint venture income allocations by means of Hypothetical
           Liquidation at Book Value (HLBV)
         - Calculating after tax Member returns  (monetizing impact of tax credit and tax
           loss/income allocations)

Structured Finance
          - For new projects we can help you create a high quality business plan, identify the
            optimal capital structure, and find the necessary financing.

Provide value add Real Estate services for all circumstances
         - REO, loan workouts, acquisitions, dispositions, and/or optimizing operating  
           returns during normal business activity
Accounting Advisory
          - Specialize in Hypothetical Liquidation at Book Value (HLBV) method of
            income allocation.  
          - Fiscal Development prepares HLBV models to derive income allocations
            during drafting stage of partnership / LLC agreement (Pre-deal), real time to
            produce GAAP accounting journal entries, and projected basis to show how
            future returns will impact income allocations.

Tax Credit Advisory
          - New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) Program
          - Renewable energy tax credit programs
          - Twinning / Combination of both programs
          - Fiscal Development can provide assistance determining if your company
            qualifies for these tax credits, the size of the tax credit you will qualify for, and  
to ensure your operating results / member return structure enables you to  
            monetize 100% of these credits.

Application Preparation
          - DOE loan guarantee
          - NMTC
          - Cash Grant
          - Fiscal Development provides assistance completing the necessary applications
            to participate in the aforementioned stimulus programs
If you feel any of our services can be of benefit to your company please do not
hesitate to
contact us.