The United States renewable energy industry and related financing structures
continue to evolve.  It is critical to understand the risks and barriers associated with
the project(s) your company is targeting, and identifying the optimal financing
structure to meet the demands of all principal participants.  

Fiscal Development can help your company understand and
subsequently develop a plan to utilize programs developed by the
Treasury to stimulate and expand your business.  We will advise through
all stages of project development and provide structured finance support
at the appropriate milestones of development.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited the following government programs:
New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)
Renewable Energy Tax Credits; such as
Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax
Cash Grant
Department of Energy Loan Guarantee

Fiscal Development, LLC., is an enterprise investment group headquartered in
Syracuse, NY.  It is a Community Development Entity certified by the Community
Development Financial Institutions Fund / United States department of The Treasury  
to consult with, make investments in, and make loans to eligible Businesses located
in Qualified Low Income Communities. We offer a wide range of advisory, structured
finance, and transaction consulting services to a national clientele targeting Real
Estate, Renewable Energy, BioEnergy, Biotechnology, and Agri-business entities.  
Fiscal Development, LLC
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